Bet365 Casino now has more than 500 games

Bet365 Casino started its online adventure with a relatively small number of games but a very original idea.logo-bet365

The goal was to get players immersed in the gaming atmosphere as fast and possible and then help them discover the games available.

By making this experience look more like an adventure than regular gaming, it achieved things that few other gambling operators can brag about. Once the target was secured, the focus shifted on providing more games to the enthusiastic crowds.

The recent press release highlights the fact that the collection of games has recently surpassed the psychological threshold of 500 titles.

This is an eclectic mix of slot machines, table games and video pokers, with the former representing the vast majority. Everything from scratch card games to lottery titles and bingo can be played here and mobile devices are supported. Over a couple of years the casino close the gap separating it from industry leaders and is now second to none.

The selection of games features some of the titles released in 2017, using cutting-edge technology. Software developers who worked on these games have a lot of experience and the uncanny ability of coming up with new game mechanics.

This is easier said than done, given the fact that most slots follow a similar template and the changes are only cosmetic. The lineup of games is dominated by five reel titles, the most popular out there and to some extent the best paying ones.

A couple of classic games, inspired by the slot that can be found in brick-and-mortar casinos have survived and are very popular with Bet365 Casino players. As always, slots with progressive jackpot games are preferred by players from all walks of life, ranging from professionals to amateurs.

There are millions of dollars to be won here and with a minimum investment, players can put themselves in the driver’s seat. Some of the slots have a story and when players spin the reels, they sinking slowly.

The games that are exclusive for this casino are not necessarily developed in-house, although some use proprietary software.

By signing exclusive agreements with leading software developers, Bet365 Casino has secured a steady flow of original content. Furthermore, some of the best titles released only a couple of weeks ago can already be played here.

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