Winner Casino kicks off the New Year with new Microgaming games

Microgaming welcomes the arrival of a new year with games that are guaranteed to bring a smile on thewinner-casino-logo faces of those who enjoy slots.

Winner Casino was once again quickly embraced these new titles and players can enjoy them on mobile devices as well. The first game that can already be played across all mobile devices goes by the name of Huangdi The Yellow Emperor. This is a classic slot machine, with 25 pay lines and multiple winning combinations.

The first press release announcing the imminent arrival of this game was unveiled a month ago and players were anxiously waiting to see what happens next. The game meats and even exceeds expectations, with its amazing animations and tremendous winning opportunities. Players can bet a tiny amount and if they are truly lucky, the maximum paycheck will go as high as 30,000 credits. Depending on how much money they felt comfortable wagering, this will translate into a smaller or bigger prize.

The number of 3-D slot machines increases

Huangdi The Yellow Emperor is a great looking game, but it doesn’t benefit from the lasting appeal of 3-D graphics. Microgaming has greatly enhanced the number of games that fit the profile and many more are expected to be introduced in 2017. The best 3D slots are the ones that will linger in your memory for a long time and they shouldn’t take their toll on the resources of those who play. Whether they choose to stick to a desktop PC or make the transition to mobile devices, players can expect the same performance.


The games tackle diverse subjects and their unique themes present players with the impetus to spin the reels one more time. Solve murder mysteries and fight virtual wars, while chasing big payouts during each round. The Golden Age of slot machines is now and these amazing 3D Slots can be played at the best casinos, includingWinner Casino.

There is more than meets the eye about them and the gameplay is just as good. Innovative game developers use the best casino software for games to produce these gems. See for yourself how big are the leaps made by technology and play these great slots. Now that Microgaming has announced his intention to pay more attention to this genre, it’s very likely that the number of 3-D slots will surge in 2017.

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