Europa Casino players anxiously wait for the Aloha slot machines

In the first half of December, online casino developers are producing mostly games that celebrate the Christmas spirit.

Having said this, there are plenty of new releases that walk down the less traveled paths and Aloha slot machines are shining example.

To be perfectly fair, the game is yet to hit the stores and for the time being players will have to settle for the news of its release.

Europa Casino will be among the first casinos to offer the game of its customers, but they will have to wait a couple of months and it is scheduled for release in the second half of March 2016. Apparently, there are not many reasons for announcing the game so early, as players are very likely to forget about it.


On the other hand, the game promises to revolutionize the slot machine industry and bring new features, so the developers found it worthwhile to actively promoted.

2015 was an excellent year for slot machine enthusiasts, with the new games building on the popularity of former title, but also bringing new features in the spotlight. The developers chose not to reveal too much about the upcoming game, so besides the release date, we don’t know that much.


We are told that the game will feature an innovative design, some of the finals graphics ever to be enjoyed in a slot machine and will be fully compatible with mobile devices powered by various operating systems.
This online casino has a tradition with introducing only the finest games and the emphasis is placed on the design and theme.

The Hawaiian landscape is going to dazzle the eye of those who choose to spin their reels, with a tropical Paradise, bright colors, tall grass and crystal-clear water. Wouldn’t be too surprised, if in the wake of its release, the online casinos offering the game will also runs special promotions to mark the occasion.
The best case scenario would be to send a couple of lucky players to Hawaii, to enjoy the thrills depicted in the slot machine.

Regardless of what will happen in March, the release of Aloha should provide those who don’t have an account yet with Europa Casino to open one. There are plenty of other slot machines to play here, most of them already available and many more will be added by the end of 2015.

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