Different horse races?

At the first glance there are not many possibilities for betting when wagering on horse races and not that Horse Racing - The Open Festival 2013 - Countryside Day - Cheltenham Racecoursemany types of competitions to choose from.

This is only apparent and those who are hooked on this type of gambling are quite familiar with the different types of bets as well as the distinct races.

This is actually a great thing because it ensures the much-needed diversity and with a minimal effort anyone can learn the basics and get to know all the relevant facts.

Popular trotting events

These horse races imply that jockeys need to keep the horses under control and prevent them from going on the gallop because this will lead to a penalty. Assuming they fail on multiple occasions, they will simply get disqualified which is the worst-case scenario.

One subtype of this race is the harnessed trot, which has the horse harnessed to a cart and this is how the participants compete. It goes without saying that those who go on a gallop are going to be penalized.


The car start is not exactly a classic type of horse race because it implies that a car is running in front of the pack of horses at a low speed and only after the animals are in the desired order the race commences.

Another subtype of trotting events is the about-turn which draws inspiration from French races and paint a pretty strange feature as the horses are supposed to make a quarter turn before running. Mounted trot is also popular in Belgium and France and the jockeys sit on top of the horses with no sulky.

Gallop and obstacle events

Just as the name suggests, in these competitions players are expected to run as fast as possible and the one that finishes the line first with the competition. The flat race is the most popular one and horses run a distance ranging from 900 m what to 4000 m.

In most cases, they don’t run more than 2400 m and the events in which the distance they have to cross consists of 1600 m are the most common ones.

Obstacle races are pretty difficult because the horses are also supposed to overcome various obstacles erected down the racing course. They also cover of longer distance and there is a serious risk of injury, which explains why these competitions are frowned upon by animal safety groups.

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