Mike O’Neill wins Mid-States Poker Tour Tropicana Evansville Main Event

For weeks in a row the poker community was galvanized by the World Series of poker and that was the 615beb81e1event that everyone was talking about.

The winner will be decided in the second week of November, but meanwhile players are already engaged in less prominent competitions.

In the United States there are several events scheduled for September, but in the final weeks of August, a couple of talented and lucky players managed to around their bankrolls.

Mike O’Neill is a shining example of dedicated players who doesn’t mind traveling the country from border to border and buy-in for various tournament. His most recent victory came in the Mid-States Poker Tour Tropicana Evansville Main Event and for his performance he collected in excess of $75,000. The amount was significantly larger than the sum awarded to the runner-up, so Alex Yen has plenty of reasons to be disappointed about his latest tournament meltdown.


Last year, it was Alex who dominated the tournament and was on the verge of winning the competition but in the end had to settle for second place. Things were surprisingly similar in 2015 as he was once again the player with the deeper stack and he played brilliantly throughout the event. As the final table started, he was at the helm and pushing short stackers around, causing the elimination of several opponents before three handed play began.

Mike O’Neill struggle with a relatively short stack early on and he had to do the most with what he got, which didn’t allow him to play aggressively. He got lucky when he needed most and double his stack to set up an epic confrontation with Alex Yen, while also causing the elimination of Allan Kessler. The latter finish in the third-place and for his efforts he collected almost $23,000, leaving the fight wide open for the two finalists.

Alex took more chances and he paid for his bravery, despite the fact that he never committed his chips with the worst hand. Mike O’Neill is probably convinced that luck favors the bold as he is now celebrating his victory and a generous paycheck. Check out the final table results below:

Place Player Prize
1 Mike O’Neill $67,746
2 Alex Yen $39,925
3 Allen Kessler $22,987
4 Scot Brady $18,632
5 Jim Russler $14,518
6 Nick Pupillo $12,099
7 Craig Spalding $9,679
8 Jim Will $7,259
9 David Dang $4,839


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