Mirror Bingo announces new weekend promotions

The weekend starts early at Karamba Bingo and from this Friday onward, players will be eligible for a bonus of €10.

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There are no strings attached to this campaign and nothing is requested from you, so don’t expect to do anything in return for the €10.

The bingo room is giving away this money to new and existing members, so they have some resources over the weekend to experience the thrills of their newly released slot machines.


Many bingo operators chose to bridge the two forms of gambling and now that slot machines go hand-in-hand with bingo, players have more options. The money can be spent on spinning the reels of video slots and once the bonus has been cleared, it can be diverted to bingo rooms.

There is a promotional code that those interested are supposed to enter and it goes by the name of WEEKEND10, so keep that in mind when making a qualifying deposit.

The trick about this bonus is that you can’t claim it whenever you like and you need to log into your account on Friday, more precisely between 4 PM and midnight. This is a relatively new campaign that has a narrow window of opportunity and it is unlikely for Mirror Bingo to repeat it next week. There is no reason to miss out on a great chance of adding some money on top of your bankroll or two replenish your depleted online account.


Regardless of what you managed to achieve using this bonus on Friday, two days later they will have another opportunity to play on real cash.

A special Sunday offer is going to lead to bingo losses being refunded by up to 30% depending on your VIP status. Make sure you enter the SUPERSUNDAY code prior to spinning the reels of slot machines or purchasing bingo tickets to qualify for the refund.

Regular players will have 5% of their losses reimbursed, while those who have attained celebrity status will double this amount. Things get even better if you are a Headliner because in your case the refund will go up to 50% and if you see the term Superstar next to your name, this means that you are eligible for a 20% reimbursement.

The last two categories are the main beneficiaries of the program as Icons will have losses reimbursed up to 25% while VIP members will have no less than 30% return to their accounts.

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